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We are officially Certified Organic!

Now Open for U-Pick!
Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 8am-7pm.

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U-Pick & Fresh Picked

U-Pick: $2 a lb.
Fresh Picked: $4/pint, $7/quart, $45/10lbs. box

Sustainable and Ecological Practices

Now certified organic. No pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. We choose to share the land with all of the amazing creatures, and let nature do the balancing. This means it’s safe for the environment and safe for you. Expect to be greeted by countless creatures and buzzing things at our farm. Birds, bees, insects and “weeds” are all part of what makes our system unique, diverse, and healthy.

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Family Owned

We’re a family farm dedicated to sustainable, healthy, organic practices that enrich both our land and our community.

Our Story

We purchased the former Bird’s Blueberry farm in Greenville, Michigan in August 2012. Many people in our community have fond memories of either working on the farm when they were young or picking blueberries. That is exactly the kind of rich heritage and strong community values that we wish to continue.

Part of our commitment to this legacy is ensuring that future generations have the opportunity to make their own memories, by utilizing sustainable and ecological practices.

Gail & Freddy
Gail & Freddy
Karisia, Scot, Elisa, Viktoria, Xander & Logan
Karisia, Scot, Elisa, Viktoria, Xander & Logan
Ivana, Jonathan, Eva, & Eli
Ivana, Jonathan, Eva, & Eli